Message from the CEO

Dr.Mohammad Manasra We at MMC are pleased to welcome all the patients and their family members on behalf of our management, faculty, doctors, nurses and other team members.


MMC is one of the oldest private medical center in the region that provides extensive range of medical and cosmetic services to all the patients including locals and expatriates.



 MMC respect the community and background difference and focus on providing unified patient care to all individual regardless of age, sex, religion, socio-economical status, or the nature of the health problem in a friendly and professional atmosphere.


MMC is a customer centered medical center and it’s providing a high quality care to its patients which is ensured through well-equipment & advanced medical supplies & instruments; furthermore MMC has a wide range of qualified & experienced team that is being hired from different parts of the world.


MMC, through it high quality services and customer focused atmosphere build rapport & loyalty onto its customer which has inspired the management to embark the expansion plan in other UAE region to make MMC accessible for other locals and expatriates.


MMC management members are always available on the floor to provide assistance to its patients and to maintain its dignity & the quality of the services.


We look forward to welcome you to MMC .

Dr.Mohammed Manasra